FREE MY WAY : inspirational video with World Record destination

Free my way is a conceptual video about parkour professionals with a hope of setting a record which never been made before in parkour history

More than just a sport, freerunning is a philosophy, combining physical skill with psychological strength, all based on the idea of “freedom through movement.” Still a young discipline, the movement is still defining itself.

Anan Anwar, a former Thai pop star and current freerunning sensation, is taking an active role in defining the nascent free running culture. He wants to bring together free runners from around the world to help him achieve a life long dream – an epic free running session in a mystery location .

“Three friends, One dream, To unearth a forbidden world”.

– Director : Yann MOURIER
– Series Producer : Matthieu MOITY-BLANCHARD – WHEESPER Prod.
– Co-Producer : Guilhem CHARRETON – KOTAO Prod.
– Director of Photography: Yann MOURIER
– Camera Operators : Yann MOURIER – Guilhem CHARRETON – Loïc PAILLARD
– Editing: Yann MOURIER & David BEGUE
– Sound Engineer : Sylvain TEISSIER
– Original Soundtrack : Martin GRUBINGER


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