Who’s Going To Stop Me // Mercedes-Benz // Director’s Cut

A man in a war with paper which has content ,soon he going to speech on “Modern Luxury”, which he knows nothing about, presented by Mercedes Benz

Directed by

Production Company: Partizan
Writtenby: Bo Mirosseni
Agency: neulandherzer: Aldona Kwiatkowski
Agency: Karla Otto: Seyna Van Der Linden
Starring: Preston Flagg, Johannes Torpe, Kristina Bazan.
Band Director: Double G
Band Members: Chris Burroughs, Geoffrey Paul Hanson, Kurt Hensch, Tohbias Juniel, Philip Martin, Shaunte Palmer
Executive Producer: Matt Tucker
Produced by: Peter Williams & Jona Ward
Cinematography: Jon Peter
Edited by: Clementine Clarke
Sound: Sabi Tulok
Sound Mix: Lillia Betz
Steadicam Operator: David Shawl
Colorist: Bobby Lam


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