14 from ’14 – A Retrospective by Plot Point Productions

Editor Zach Perwitt did this amazing mashup from his favorite 14 films from year 2014, by creatively editing it in a systematic story based manner which almost you feel like expensively inexpensive short film.

Blue Ruin,Captain America: The Winter Soldier,Dawn of the Planet of the Apes,Edge of Tomorrow,Godzilla,Guardians of the Galaxy,The Immigrant,Locke,Only Lovers Left Alive,The Rover,Snow piercer,Starred Up,Under the Skin,X-Men: Days of Future Past.


“Is That What Everybody Wants” by Cliff Martinez
From “Solaris” (buy CD here: amzn.to/1A6bLaQ)

“I Will Find Him” by Hans Zimmer
From “Man of Steel” (buy track here: amzn.to/1A6c1qe)

“Evey Reborn” by Dario Marianelli
From “V for Vendetta” (buy track here: amzn.to/1B6MkE6)

“First Sleep” by Cliff Martinez
From “Solaris”


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