Shah Rukh Khan’s “Atharva – The Origin” – A New Age Graphic Novel – Official Trailer

“Atharva – The Origin” is a new age graphic novel project by Virzu Studios featuring Shah Rukh Khan as the titular character.
The novel is based on a very young earth, in a time long forgotten, a prospective king makes a difficult and lone journey . ‘Atharva’ chronicles that journey, taking it’s hero and you on an awe inspiring journey encountering magnificent lands and strange beasts – a true treat for the soul and the senses.

Author : Ramesh Thamilmani
Illustrations: Ramesh Acharya
Project Head: Vel Mohan
Producer: Vincent Adaikalaraj
Project Co-ordinator: Ashok Manor
Operations: Sanjay Raghavan
Teaser Music: Dharan Kumar


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