Making of The Jungle Book

An interesting at the same time mind blowing cheat of VFX work on how we seen Jungle book in theaters… Great work by artists of this Indian based movie turned comic series from Disney. this 2 mins will be definitely worthy time.   For more artwork and concepts from this feature you can visit here

The Looks of ALEXA

Reel from ALEXA for it’s ARRI digital color accessories like digital color controlling from post production setup., “The Looks of ALEXA” is such an astonishing super cut from world movie . You will feel giggled. Enjoy the edit.    

Watch How Shah Rukh Khan Became The FAN – GAURAV

Great  but really daring effort from north Indian cinema(Bollywood) is this mater piece from making department for FAN movie featuring Sharukh khan as both protagonist and antagonist. These guys are showcasing how different crafts of film helped them to recreate young character of Sharukh khan  namely Gourav. Must watch for film enthusiasts.

Watchmen- From comic to screen by Vugar Efendi

Vugar Efendi created this amazing edit by showcasing key scenes from movie watchmen by comparing with it’s counter images from comic book . Impressive comparison guys.. take a look.

Lytro Cinema ,camera with inbuilt deep pixel values

OK, here is the industries new update in camera’s  “LYTRO CINEMA” gonna viral soon from “Lytro“. This camera features depth making cinematography by recording deep pixel values so that you can literally use direct camera output to create astounding VFX sequences,without using Green matte or blue matte but you have still more number of matte…

Instagram Husband by The Mystery Hour

The Mystery Hour uploaded a funny but true experience video Instagram husband depicting the actual difficulties of husbands suffering by Instagram addicts. Funny one  

Chocolat – Bande-annonce HD trailer

Directed by one of the great film makers Roschdy Zem , Chocolat is such a master piece as it looks in trailer now. Looks abstract and artistic.  


Something that is creatively uncommon written and directed by FEDERICO HELLER

My Life After 44 Years In Prison

A beautiful explanation from a man who spent his 44 years of line in a jail for attempted murder on police, saying about variations between pre and post jail lives. Be inspired


  An excellent cg short Exode will let you know how beautiful is the scale  and presenting it

Cartier diamonds

At last, Cartier diamonds comes back once again in association with mikros image for creating this amazingly glittering spot. watch and feel guys

First and Final Frames

Jacob T. Swinney created this amazing super cut by taking out inspiring frames from first and last clips of Hollywood block busters. Become a film lover

Lost River Trailer

Here is the one natural and such a beautiful trailer from upcoming movie Lost River