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If you want us to hear your amazing story or creative creation or interesting product then just give us your link . You are the sole owner of your video and we just need your video link and we share it for you… Here we respect your monetizing priorities ,so we don’t want to alter you video views. Get in touch and send us your link.


1.Link must be lesser than one week old. We only accepts direct video link from uploaded site.

2.Video should be either informative,inspiring,creative, artistic, intuitive…so so…like people need to feel..ah…this is awesome.

3.No money will be given to you, But we can promote your video if you want to through our Facebook page which directs to your link, by spending some money on your will.

4. We don’t encourage videos which are not yours.

5.No acceptance for religious, caste provoking, racist, negatively implemented, non professional, NSFW, porn, misleading videos which divert our ethics.

6.We can’t upload every link we get, until we review as fast we can( max time for review is 15 min only) and decide once to post on our website. So next time better luck for your videos.

7.We are concentrating mostly on the informative and inspiring, so thinking on us to post your scariest, vulgar, nonsense, irresponsible, idiotic stuff is quite a bad thought.

8. We may post prank videos but should be matched to our regulations, so no games.

9. We currently accept links from YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion. Please inform us if you are having any other site  you are dealing with.

Hope you are OK with our rules, sharing this page is awesome idea..isn’t it?




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  1. Dear Video Devaved,

    I’d like to submit a music video as a possible content to your blog. This is the latest one man acapella cover of Michael Jackson’s Thriller by singer Rácz Gergő. You can watch it here:

    The video was directed by Balázs Bogdán and it is a funny compilation of how the singer produced the different musical components of the song.

    Thank you for watching,
    Zsófi Liter

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  2. Hello! My name is PH and I am the animation director at SHED ( studio in Montreal.

    The artists here just completed a very short, fun little animation involving a clumsy indoor cat who dreams of catching the birds who fly by outside. I thought it might be a good fit for your website.

    RunningTime 41sec

    Thank you so much for your time, we hope you like it!

    All the best,


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    1. videodevaved says:

      Hi Pierre we glad to know that you are interested us to post your content. Please send me good image at full HD dimensions for our processing. Also give your suggestions for tagging . If you are referring any other talented guys, that will be a great help for them.

      Please do follow our website for more videos your follow means you’r supporting.



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